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Where to starts when it comes to Tomorrowland? It is probably one of the best music festivals in the world boasting at least 16 stages of electronic music of all kind. It feels like a theme park filled with incredible people coming from all over the world. The music with more than 300 artists present on a single weekend. The extravagant design of the stages and the small pieces of decors dotted around the site will make the experience Instagram-worthy. The large array of food stands and drink shacks would please any foodie or the average drinker. You need to live it to believe it!


The Tomorrowland Trailer 2023


The basic stuff

Where is Tomorrowland taking place?

Tomorrowland is hosted on the spacious and picturesque grounds of De Schorre in Boom, Belgium, that is 16 kilometres (10 miles) south of Antwerp and 32 kilometres (20 miles) north of Brussels. The location is ideal for a festival, boasting ample open-air space, lush greenery, and a natural bowl-shaped area that serves as the perfect spot for the festival's main stage. Despite the festival's large attendance of over 100,000 people, the unique topography of the site creates a natural auditorium that provides excellent views of the main stage from nearly every vantage point.



How long does Tomorrowland last?

The festival opens its doors on a Thursday to allow campers to set up and pitch their tent. The festivities starts in the evening with the welcome party nicknamed 'The Gathering' taking place a stone throw from the camp site. From Friday noon to Sunday midnight all revellers gain access to the main grounds where they can enjoy their favourite DJ's from the line-up. The party ends quite early as the park is situated near a residential area. The camp site needs to close on the following Monday at 11am.


Tomorrowland 2023 dates and line-up:

  • WEEKEND 1: Thursday 20th July 2023 to Sunday 23th July 2023
  • WEEKEND 2: Thursday 27th July 2023 to Sunday 30th July 2023

Final line-up is already available on the official website: Line-up 2023 (Weekend 1 and 2)



Getting tickets to Tomorrowland can be arduous and requires patience and luck. The strategy is usually to use multiple computers and accounts and ask your friends to help. There is a usually at least 3 chances to get tickets, once at the pre-sale and then at the world wide sale. Tickets are now given at random, as you log into the ticketing platform, you are put into a queue and ask to wait until the website redirects you to the ticket selection page, then you only have 15min to complete your selection and the transaction, better be prepared.

2 weeks after the purchase, tickets need to be assigned to a person with a Tomorrowland account, this allows the ticket holder to top up Pearls (the local currency) used throughout the festival as it is cashless. (more about this below). Tomorrowland attracts a large number of people over a weekend and there is no ID checks in place, they might do further checks if you look suspiciously young for example



Day tickets can be bought on the day of the festival if you are really desperate to go. Another alternative is to buy the more expensive packages which includes all camping gear and transport to the festival, usually starting from 800euros.

There is also an official secondary market where you can purchase last minutes tickets, these are usually available a few weeks before the start of the festival. This is a great initiative from the organiser to give the opportunities for late-comers to take part of the festival.


The site and camping

The camp site is nicknamed DreamVille, it is absolutely massive and divided in different section, it takes about 40 min walk from one gate to another. As different packages exist, you will notice that the cheapest packages will be further away from the main ground. All amenities are present on site, coffee shops, food stands, a small supermarket, a hair dresser, make up artist, charging station and much more.




There are also many lockers where you can store your passport or other valuables, this is great to have peace of mind while you enjoy the show on the main grounds. There are various sizes, and prices range from 15-30euros



Plenty of showers on the campsite, some open-air ones that are free and accessible 24h a day. Water can be cold but it usually lukewarm. Some proper indoor showers you need to pay for.



Plenty of toilets dotted around the campsite and super clean too. Never seen such clean festival toilets before.


The newspaper

Tomorrowland also has its own daily newspaper it is distributed around Dreamville in the morning. It usually features revellers' testimonials, short stories about DJ's, a recap of the day's line-up, recommended places to visits and even short article about couples who get engaged at Tomorrowland. Last but not least some ads from Tomorrowland's partners.



Camping Supplies and Alcohol

The official guidance indicate that you should not bring gas canisters or certain items, there are also restrictions on the alcohol volumes you can bring in, usually no more than 2.5L per person. As you probably guessed, this is not really enforced as one can simply come in and out the festival gates to bring more in. There are quite strict on drugs though, if they catch you, you might get removed from the festival. At your own risks.


The Local Currency and prices

Tomorrowland and DreamVille have implemented a cashless system. Upon receiving your Tomorrowland Bracelets, you can easily load them up with 'Pearls', which is the official currency at Tomorrowland. This allows you to utilise your Bracelet not only for admission to Tomorrowland and/or DreamVille, but also for purchasing food and beverages during the weekend

At the 2022 edition 1 Pearl = 1.67Euros = 1.8USD = 1.5GBP. The exchange rate for 2023 just dropped :1 Pearl = 1.74Euros = 1.90USD That's only a 4% increase versus 2022 (considering a Food inflation of 15.5% YoY in Belgium)



All bracelets will be shipped by end of June. You can now link your bracelet to your accound and top it up with Pearls. I would recommend to top up at least 300 euros, you get a 2 Pearls for free for each 100euros topped up and spent. Any leftover money can be refunded at the end of the festival for a small fee (2 Pearls) with up to 10Euros for non-SEPA bank accounts.

Have a look here for full cashless info: Cashless Information Tomorrowland Belgium 2023


Item price list

We have put together a list of prices for common items based of 2022 data

Item Price (pearl) Price (euros)
DRINKS Small beer 2P 3.5€
Big beer 3.75P 6€
Water 2P 3.5
Long drinks/
7-8P 11-13€
FOOD Fries 3.5P 6€
Burger 6.5P 10-11€
Beef Stew + Rice 8.75P 15€


In summary, most food cost between 4P and 9P and drinks between 2P and 8P. If you need more info, there is a great website that collated all Tomorrowland prices, have a look here All prices


What to bring with you

We have put together a list of items we recommend to take with you. Feel free to print the list below.


  • Tomorrowland Bracelet
  • Tomorrowland ticket confirmation and vouchers
  • ID/Passport/Drivers License (Make hard copies)
  • Cash just to get out of trouble before or after the festival
  • Banks cards
  • Condoms
  • Powerbank, 20kmAH is best
  • Empty water bottle


  • Electrolyte for Hangovers
  • Antidiarrheal and Antinausea tablets
  • Pain killers
  • Plasters for blisters and small cuts


  • Tent, air mattress, sleeping bag, aluminium sun shield
  • Gazebo is super useful against the sun and rain. If not take a parasol
  • Camping chair to chill outside the tent and pre-drink
  • Blanket can be useful. It gets cold at night and warm in the morning
  • Flash light if you don't want to use your phone's light
  • Ear plugs and sleeping mask, the camp site can be loud at night
  • Quick dry towel

Camping toiletries

  • Your essentials(Shampoo, shower gel, hair wax, etc.)
  • Sun screen and after-sun
  • 3-ply toilet paper


  • Your essentials with spares
  • Fanny pack or backpack
  • Flip-flops for the camp site
  • Confortable shoes for the festival
  • Sun-glasses, hat
  • Poncho


A few tips

  • Meet people: Whether you are in DreamVille's camp site or on the festival grounds or in the queue to a drink shack. Have a chat with people next to you and make friends. Literally all nations are represented at Tomorrowland!
  • Explore: Walk the festival grounds, it is fairly fast and it keeps a lot of secrets, be curious and try to find the secret stages and special entertainment acts
  • Wear good shoes: You will stand of your feet for a long time likely 8-10h a day. If you actually love to party hard you will be jumping around.
  • Freshen-up point: Make good use of the freshen up point, they are located at the entrance of each toilet. They provide sunscreen and antiperspirant
  • Take part of an activity in DreamVille: If you wake up early you can take part of a game of paddle, go to a gym or yoga class. There is a lot you can experience in DreamVille. Have a got at the funny cycles and the hammocks
  • Have fun: The atmosphere is magical and the music awesome, make it count and make memories

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